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Finding The Right Shoes!

Mom's work every day in today's society. We run companies, Mom's work every day in today's society. We run companies, work in politics, work in the entertainment industry, work regular 9 to 5, and more. We are resilient in what we do in our lives. A lot of women can still wear heels at work and not bother them until maybe the last trimester of their pregnancy. For some, they can last 9 months of pregnancy in heels. For pregnant women like me, who can't stand the feeling of a high heel shoe, I have to find shoes that are comfortable to work in. I bought some loafers from one store thinking they would be comfortable, they were, of course, lost the cost, and like the saying goes, "You get what you paid for". I wore those shoes for only a few days before I was at another store buying some other comfortable shoes. Those shoes were comfortable at the beginning for me. In my job, I'm basically a customer service rep, I get up and out of my seat calling customers to my desk and service their needs. After doing this for 8 hours it can be a bit tiresome on my body, especially my feet. At the end of the day, I would leave my office barely being able to walk to my car, because my feet hurt badly. I wore those second pair of loafers for two weeks until a co-worker suggested a more comfortable loafer with more cushion for my feet. She suggested I go to the Skechers store and buy GOGA Max loafers for my feet. I told her I would check them out, it took another week before I actually went to the store check the shoes out. I finally went to the Skechers store and tried on the GOGA Max shoes, I felt like I was walking on air. Those shoes were comfortable on my feet when I tried them on, I immediately asked the salesperson to ring these shoes up for me. The next day I wore them to work and had no sore feet at the end of the day. I tried them for a week straight and to my surprise, my feet were not hurting me. Now that did not mean, I still did not have any pain in my body from working all day, but my feet problem was settled. I recommend these shoes to any pregnant women that have to be on her feet a lot at work or even just during the day running errands. These shoes were such a life saver for my feet ladies. The cushion itself helped a lot while at work, for nothing alone that can save you. Now the body pain is something I'm dealing with as a get bigger, but I use a back supporter that I put in my chair and I can lean back while typing at my desk. That has alleviated some of my back pain while I work, so things are looking a little better while at work. I just tell myself, I have some more months to go on my maternity leave, so I can hang in there. That makes me happy! Until next time ladies!

Talk To You Soon!

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