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Back To Work

I have been off of work working on other things for more than 6 months and finally went back to work. It has been quite the challenge I would have to say. I’m 4 months pregnant and feel like I’m 8 months pregnant. I sit at a desk all day, but I have to get up to call customers to service them, go to the printer, and sit back down. The first day at work was a breeze for me. I thought hey, I can do this! Day three I was wiped out literally, I went home and passed out. The next week back at work was a real challenge, I barely made it through the week. I work 40 hours a week and my body is not having it at all. After work each day I eat dinner and go to sleep. It has been harder than I thought to get back into the work groove. I have had some challenges at work, like spasms when I’m sitting too long, I can’t do certain transaction due to my pregnancy and I’m ok with that, but some people have a problem with that. I only have until August to work and it’s April now, I just pray and hope I can make until then. I know women work everyday pregnant. I worked and went to school my last pregnancies. I know I was much younger then and I haven’t had a child in 10 years, but this pregnancy is getting the best of me. I’m 37 and that’s not young at all, but I’m more exhausted and showing much faster than the other two pregnancies. One thing I can say is the more active I am and stay on the job, will hopefully make it that much easier when it comes times for delivery. I plan to start a yoga class soon and get a pregnancy massage, maybe those things will help out with all the aches I feel in places I didn’t know I could feel them in. I will keep you posted on how work life is going throughout my pregnancy, but I’m hopeful about staying until August when my maternity leave starts. Until next time!

Talk To You Soon!

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