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Elderly Pregnancy: Say What!!

I went for my last checkup with my doctor and he showed me my baby on the ultrasound monitor. I was so happy, I could see my little angel’s hand and legs moving. It was insane because I never saw that with my other two children so soon. I was filled with joy until the doctor said something to me. He called my pregnancy an “Elderly Pregnancy. I said, “WHAT”. He said I don’t mean to offend you, but that's what they call women after 35 who have kids. OMG well at least I was not over 40, he would have called me Geriatric. I mean come on, they couldn’t have found another name for women. Having a baby is a beautiful thing no matter what age you are, to label it these names makes women feel old. Well at least me, I’m 37 and I’m not old. I may be a little high risk as they tell it, but I can still get around and take care of things. Also being elderly is not a bad thing either, you can still get around and I know some who can get around and live life better than those much younger than them. I’m a hot, vibrant 37-year-old mom to be again and still have much more in life to conquer. My baby is a blessing and for every mother out there over the age of 35 that’s pregnant YOU ROCK!!!! Women are having babies later in age these days and are doing better than some young ones. The meaning of this post is to say I’m proud to be a mom-to-be again at my age and not going to let any labels make me feel bad about it. We are women who have babies late, who can run a country, run a business, and still have dinner on the table if we wanted too. Live and be happy moms-to-be.

Talk to you soon!

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