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Change is Coming: 37 and pregnant with my 3rd child!

I’m a 37 year old mom of two and now soon-to-be three. The shock of having another baby for me wasn’t in my plans of life. Here I am starting a new business venture of having my own publishing company and I find out I’m pregnant. To my shock I wasn’t ready for that news in my life. I went to the hospital because I was very sick and I couldn’t shake the nasty flu that was been going around. I knew I was a day late because the night before I was talking to my man about my period not coming yet. He made a comment saying, “ he knew how to bring it down” and I shook my head and ignored him. When my name was called at the hospital the nurse asked several routine questions, what I was here for?, what are my symptoms?, and she asked the question was I pregnant?. I told her of course not. She asked when the first day of my last menstrual cycle and I told her. She said ok. She took me to my room, where I waited patiently for the doctor to come in. After waiting for about 30 minutes the doctor comes in and she asked me what did I come in for. I told her I wasn’t feeling good, my stomach hurt, I had this bad cough for weeks and just can’t get rid of it. She said the flu is going around and check my vital signs and told me she would give me something for the pain and some cough medicine with codeine for my cough. I said awesome thank you. She said the nurse would be in shortly to give me the medicine and just relax. About twenty minutes went by and the doctor rushed in and said I couldn’t take the medicine she prescribed, because I was pregnant. WHAT! No I was shocked because that was the last thing on my mind that I thought she would tell me. I knew maybe I could eventually get caught up and get pregnant, since we don’t use protection at all, but never really took it into consideration. We have never use condoms in the 9 years we have been dating, but now I get pregnant. I couldn’t believe it. I was on the phone with my best friend at the time, when the doctor told me. She laugh and said I was going to be an old mother. I never looked at myself old, because women have children late all the time, I just didn’t see myself being one of those women, but life had other plans for me. I got off the phone with her, because I needed to call my man and let him know the news. I called him and I knew he was at work, he picked up, I told him to stay calm and told him to sit down somewhere I had some news. I was stalling a little bit to say the words and jus before I could get the words out, he said, “ You’re pregnant” and I answered “yes”. He then went on to say, “OK”. I said “OK” and he said what’s wrong are you ok? I said yes, I guess I was expecting you to go crazy, but you are so calm and cool. He said well I’m not. Then we got off the phone because he had to go back to work. I called my friend back and she said how did he take it, I said very well. So we began to talk about other things on the phone, while I waited for the doctor to come back in. An hour later the doctor returns and says she wants to give me al ultrasound to see if I was having an ectopic pregnancy and wanted to draw some blood. I’m thinking more waiting, at this time I was ready go and get in my own bed. The nurse came in about twenty minutes later to draw blood and twenty minutes after the nurse the ultrasound person came in to give me my ultrasound. The ultrasound took almost an hour. I think the lady had no idea what she was doing. She said she could see I was pregnant, but then maybe a cyst could be in my tubes as well. She wasn’t sure what she was seeing, because the object was too small to tell. After several tries she finally stopped and escorted me back to my room. Where again I waited another hour for the blood test results before I could go home. The doctor finally came in and said that the blood test came back and I’m definitely pregnant and I should should get a check up with my regular doctor in a few days. I took my paperwork and was released finally from the hospital and this starts a new journey for me. All I can think of is how sick I’m about to be and how horrible this is going to be. My last two pregnancy my pregnancy levels were very high causing me to be sick for the first trimester and it wasn’t pretty. I was sick the whole day and felt miserable. I thought to myself do I really want to go through that all over again. I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I had choices to make. My house is literally five minutes away from the hospital, but it felt like an hour drive from all the thoughts running through my mind. Once I got home, I played down and went to sleep. I said I will deal with this tomorrow.

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